The Project to expand "Urgen" mine

The “Urgen” – operational license number №MV-000164, №MV-012884, №MV-013440, is a fluorite deposit located on the territory of Urgen soum of Dornogovi Province. The total area covers 77.7 hectares. The “Urgen” mine is located along the railway line and has well developed infrastructure network. Location:


  • From the capital city of Ulaanbaatar (south-east) – 537km,
  • From the Mongolian-Chinese border Zamiin-Uud – 180km

The mine is operated as an open pit mine since 1987. The remaining reserves (B+C category) are 3.9 mln.tons with average fluorite content of 42.68% as of 01 Jan 2018. Depending on its ore bodies, the average content of calcite (CaCO3) reaches up to 13%.


The company is planning to build a small scale ore dressing plant near the “Urgen” mine.